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Weight Loss

"Loose weight in a sustainable manner with us."

Maintaining a healthy weight is the key to a happy, healthy, and long life. Not only would a healthy weight promote general happiness and joy, but it would ensure that we avoid certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. At STP, we want our clients to understand that weight loss is the act of losing body fat as a result of an improvement in food intake and lifestyle modifications, and that it occurs when our metabolism burns more calories throughout the day than our consumption of calories. Our body will gradually start to burn stored fat and lead to weight loss.

At STP, we use the latest technology called EMS, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, that causes a boost in metabolism by building muscle and makes it easier for our clients to shed fat. EMS is a safe, highly innovative, and FDA-approved method of fat burning wherein fat cells can be safely broken down using non-invasive methods without endangering the nearby human tissue or organs. The extra fat that has been released is then normally digested by the liver.

Weight loss programmes at STP include a combination of a healthy and balanced diet, adapting to minor lifestyle changes, introducing light physical activity and finally aiding the entire process through our EMS-based therapies.

There are numerous known benefits of this method, including no pain, no need for anaesthesia or antibiotics or pills. We at STP have been providing excellent, viable results for more than two decades by means of this technology. It is widely used to treat problem areas including the belly, breasts, upper arms, bra-edge, double chin, thighs, hips, etc. and is equally beneficial for both genders.

Some of our Customers who have gained from our Weight Loss Program

Body Firming

"Get firmer and younger looking skin in a few sessions"

Body shaping is accomplished at Slim Trim Point using specialised and up-to-date technology. It aids our weight loss program by supporting muscular growth, toning, and skin firming. When the human body gains weight an additional layer of fat envelopes the muscles and causes stretch marks on the skin, similarly when we lose this additional weight our skin is unable to return to its original place and hangs lose.

For people who want to fight cellulite head-on, body firming treatments are the ideal solution. At STP we understand and work in accordance to the fact that cellulite cannot be removed or diminished solely by diet. A firming treatment, a balanced eating plan, and frequent exercise are all potential aids.

Body Toning

"For that toned and shaped muscles in a few sessions"

At STP we provide you a more permanent and long-lasting solution to weight loss with our body toning services. You need to use toning treatments and eliminate the layer of fat that covers your muscles in order to get a toned and shaped figure. Implicitly, the more muscle tissue you build through muscle toning, the higher your resting metabolism will be, and as a result, you will continue to burn more calories and fat when at rest.

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition is the percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in the human body. It is the body composition that differentiates the physical appearance of two people who might be of the same gender and weight.

At STP, we analyse and measure your BCA before customising a treatment plan and diet which helps us in providing you with an accurate and personalised solution for your weight loss journey. You can figure out why you weight what you do by analysing body composition variables like BMI, BMR, fat%, lean%, age, and gender. More significantly, you may develop a healthier physique and live a fuller, fitter (and happier) life by monitoring your body composition and watching how your results evolve over time.

Maintenance Program

We understand that maintaining a healthy weight that has been achieved with sheer hard work and dedication is as difficult as losing the weight. By providing a post-program maintenance package, STP ensures that weight loss that has already been achieved is maintained going forward.

Basic Diet Plans