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Slim Trim Point's Diet Clinic (Family Health Clinic)
Slimming clinic with spot reduction.

Ever since its establishment in 1998, Slim Trim Point has strived for brilliance and expertise in providing our clients with maintainable and pragmatic solutions for weight loss and health, with our one-of-a-kind technology to access and support your weight loss journey. Our state-of-the-art and harmless stimulation methods will ensure that you feel and look your best. As leaders in the market, we believe in providing personalised and unique support to each client, based on their requirements and preferences.

STP is the one place you can get assistance and guidance from experts in the field to reach your fitness goals in a leisurely manner. We have a wide variety of measures and treatments that can make your overall appearance sharp, along with spot-reduction treatments to target any specific problem areas.

We specialize in providing weight loss services to people who do not wish to take up rigorous exercise and diet regiments, through most effective cosmetic procedures that best professionals throughout the world recommend.

The benefits of stimulation patterns and technological advancement in the field of artistic weight loss are unquestionable and unparalleled. With the support of our staff and expert dietician, our aim is to consistently deliver the safest and most effective results for our clients in their weight loss journey.

We at STP understand that losing weight can be a heavy and complex task without proper guidance. And we wish to break it down into simple steps and make it manageable for our clients to understand their metabolic and physical requirements. Since 1998, we have built a reputation as a reliable clinic that provides healthcare as well as diet plans for weight loss, body shaping procedures, and weight maintenance advice.

If you are unsure about which procedure is right for you, or simply want to find out more about any of these treatments!

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Our Motto

Our mission remains to transform the general perception of weight loss and fitness. As a brand, STP intends to promote in our clients a healthy and positive outlook on their appearance along with a desire to mindfully spark health, well-being, and fitness.

We aim to get you on the right track to achieving your weight goals with accurate knowledge, solutions, therapeutic diets and methods.

Our History

We began our journey with our first slimming centre in Bareilly, in the year 1998, and soon gained success given our supportive and mindful approach to providing weight loss solutions to our clients. We have been pioneers in the wellness industry for 20+ years now, and have established centres in cities like Noida to propel the usage of world-class technology for weight loss and wellness in India.

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