Inch Loss and Spot Reduction

Spot Reduction

"Lose extra inches from specific spot areas"

STP uses FES, or Functional Electronic Stimulation, to break down fat and convert it into energy as an efficient inch loss treatment. A visible inch loss is seen in our clients as a result of the procedure's success in contracting the body's muscles. Your abdominal or other problem regions will look noticeably flatter and thinner because the volume of body fat is significantly reduced.

It is a rapid, risk-free, non-invasive procedure with no recovery time or discomfort. In actuality, it is calming, energising, and delightful. Results can be seen really quickly.

For targeted inch loss, these treatments are applied to troublesome areas like the back, arms, thighs, hips, and stomach. Long strokes and deep pressure rolling movements are used during massage, which results in tightening and toning effects. It aids in lymphatic system detoxification and circulation improvement. The firming pack makes the muscles more toned and increases skin elasticity. This aids in contouring and firming the physique.

Advanced Inch Loss Therapy

"Reduce upto 6 inches in 20 sessions"

Our sophisticated inch loss therapy uses modern technology on the adipose tissues to treat resistant fat deposits. A hand massage using anti-cellulite oil follows this. After the massage, using a cutting-edge firming device increases metabolism, inch loss, skin firming, body shape, and ultimately results in improved weight loss.