Anti Ageing Treatment

STP provides an age-defying treatment that aids in the overall weight loss process and delivers extra lift and sustenance to aged and dry skin. We realise that age-related wrinkles might become more visible as you lose fat deposited between the facial muscles and skin and thus strive to ward off the development of fine lines on your face. Moreover, your skin's texture is improved by this particular treatment, giving you a radiant, youthful appearance.

Double Chin

A double chin, often referred to as a turkey neck, happens when fat and sagging skin around the neck combine to generate a wrinkle that gives the person the illusion of having two chins. It is usually highlighted and easier to see when a person’s head is tilted, which can affect anyone's face at any age. However, it mostly affects the elderly, obese or underweight people.

Because there aren't any muscles to tone below the chin, the difficulty is made worse by the fact that there is no effective way to exercise this region. Moreover, diets and exercise are rendered useless because double chins are not directly triggered by being overweight, unlike fat deposits in other body parts. However, technological innovation has made it possible for us to do away with double chins, and STP has now made it possible for you to treat the chin region specifically.